Meet our Hospital Leadership

Medical Director

Doctor Junior Noel

Hospital Administrator

Guy Patrick Josaphat

Hospital Chaplain

Hyrouance Cadet

The Organization

Hospital Leadership

The Medical Director, Hospital Administrator and Chaplain provide the leadership to Hospital Claire Heurese. These individuals report to an independent hospital board comprised of leaders from the ministry of health, the Free Methodist Church of Haiti, community and the state.

Hospital Vision

The vision of Claire Heureuse Hospital is to "Evangelize, Teach and Heal", providing a holistic approach to care of those in need physically, emotionally and spiritually.  


Hope Lives is one of several strategic partners at Hospital Claire Heureuse. Other partners include USAID, and Haiti Healthcare Advocates.

Dessalines Rural Health Project

One of the many ministries of the hospital is a group of 12 clinics spread over the Artibonite valley. These clinics can be found in:

Eye and Dental Clinic

A fully functional eye and dental clinic is an active part of the hospital. There are both National professionals and North American medical teams that provide care at the clinic.