How can I help?


It is only with God's help that we can move forward. Your prayers for our ministry make a difference. If you would like to find out more about current prayer needs please email:  

Strategic Medical Teams

Hôpital Claire Heureuse seeks relationship with medical teams who value learning the challenges faced by the nationals in healthcare, and a desire to work alongside through teaching and training, while building  a sustainable relationship with the hospital.  Teams currently include surgical, dental and ophthalmology.  Please contact for more information.

Join our Ministry Support Team

If God is calling you to serve along side others in His active work, please contact to explore how you could serve for several months at a time in medical, training or infrastructure support.

Strategic Work Teams

Most of the construction is currently completed by an amazing crew of highly trained Haitian workers, however, specialty skills and expertise from Canada help to augment the local skills and provide training. Specific skills that would be helpful include electrical engineering, highly experienced electricians, mechanics, diesel generator technicians and biomedical technicians.

Future Project Needs

  • A well designed solar power system at the hospital will provide long term, reliable, efficient power so that uninterrupted care can continue at the hospital.
  • A new 12 passenger vehicle to transport larger teams would help make our ministry team more effective while providing safe and more comfortable transportation for medical and work teams . 
  • Providing an integrated computer system complete with robust one on one training for inventory control and point of sale handling of cash is a high priority over the next 24 months.


Over 30 years of generosity from many partners is what has helped us to partner with God's Active work in Dessalines. Your financial support  saves lives, and makes a difference in the community of Dessalines. 

You can send your donations to Hope Lives c/o Bridges of Hope and a charitable receipt will be issued to you.